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Tools for Chord Practice

David Raleigh Arnold

Blues chords, etc.

These blues in midi can be downloaded and unzipped and played or played with. They are also in text.

Want More Tunes?

You can also get the program material that created them if you want different tempos or other tunes with the easy chords, and if you are willing to install lilypond, sed, and if you have windows, to install cygwin. The idea is that you type the chords in a file: C / / / G7 / / / etc. and you get them played.

You could easily add to the list of chords, but I recommend instead becoming acquainted with Bob van der Poel’s excellent program mma, which is free and much more elaborate. The program I wrote is just to get started, and it's principal advantage is that it uses chords voiced exactly as in the chord chart.

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