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Easy Music for Guitar

David Raleigh Arnold

Of course some easy pieces are easier than others. Some of the markup may be explained only in the Ten Lessons.



In Eighties all notes are sustained to a fault. Play it slowly and with expression, not like the raw midi.

Beginner’s Boogie I and II

Beginner’s Boogie needs a steady tempo. No matter how slowly you play it, it should swing. You want to practice jazz eighths with this also. Raw midi.

The Singer

The Singer is a study in chords for the right hand, and more. You may find the raw midi helpful, but you can play it much prettier.

Nessie’s Song

The challenge in playing Nessie’s Song is making the high “d” sound clear and pretty over open strings, especially the ②. To just play the notes is very easy indeed.

Paris Awaits

A literal portamento is quite impossible on a fretted instrument, but we guitar players use the word to describe a glissando which is done for expression rather than for instrumental effect. Of course there are borderline cases, but Paris Awaits isn’t one of them.

Ease Up

Ease Up is a gentle introduction to the bar. Play slowly with expression, not stiffly like the raw midi.


Slur Etude II in D takes some practice, but it does not require very powerful slurs. It is for polishing, not for grinding. To work for more powerful slurs, you should do power slurs. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of totally worthless intermediate slur finger exercises. Don’t waste any practice time on them. Power slurs and music are all that’s left to do. Working on this piece should make you understand why.

Two Easy Pieces

The last two of the Seven Easy Pieces qualify as easy. The fandango can be played with a flat pick.

Style-free Easy Pieces

Style-free pieces can be played with a flat pick as well as without one. They are easier without one.

Easy to Very Easy Intermediate

Spanish Nights is an entry level tremolo study.

Campanilleros features a long section with open string harmonics.

Alegrias is a good right hand workout for a beginner.

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