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Guitar Duets

David Raleigh Arnold

Nine Very Easy Guitar Duets

The top parts of each score in the Nine Very Easy Guitar Duets are very easy indeed for any guitar student just getting started. They are pretty much in order of difficulty, though none are difficult, and those tunes which I wrote myself are written specifically for the purpose of improving reading.

The top parts may be played with thumb alone, a flat pick, or thumb on the quarter note beats and index at other times.

The bottom parts consist in accompaniments which apply right hand formulas from the 'Ten Lessons' to chords also in the 'Ten Lessons', so they are certainly not intended only for a teacher. Anything in the accompaniment not style-free can easily be modified simply by just playing the chords. It wouldn’t hurt if the student were to write in the names of the chords. ☺


Thanks to Peter Chubb for putting the original melody to 'Silent Night' on the Mutopia web site. The original melody is many times better than what’s floating around now.

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