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Heitor Villa Lobos Etude 1.

David Raleigh Arnold

Edition Used: Villa-Lobos Collected Works, publ. Editions Max Eschig, 1990.


m7: The notation with two bass ’a,s’ is incorrect. Of course it would be fine for piano music, but on a guitar it is really possible to play two a,’s, so that notation should only be used in such a case as that. Double stems are better here.

m32: The diamonds should be ordinary note heads, since the true pitch is written.

m33: Accordingly, the first note should be black. The three following diamonds are correct.

The chord is in 8th position, not 7th.


These are entirely a matter of opinion.

m22: Repeat it

m23: Repeat it, and insert a copy of m1 after it. m23a, without repeat of course, pianissimo.

m24: Crescendo



LH: 0320 3000 3241 2434
RH: titi tmia tmia mat


LH: 3412 3434 1234 3412
RH: ttt ...

To fail to take advantage of the pattern 343412 being played three times is to pass up a fingering nine times as good as whatever fingering you have been using. I am somewhat astonished to be the creator of this fingering.

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