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Legnani Op. 20 #4 “Allegretto”

David Raleigh Arnold


This piece, if played well, is very effective at a much slower tempo, but tempo is the least of your worries in this piece. You will start slow, and keep it slow for a very long time.

Mark Up Your Copy

Measure Numbers at the Beginning of Each Line

0, 7, 14, 21, 27, 32, 39, 44. Total: 50.

Errors and Misprints

The “a” is missing from rallentando in measure 14.

The accidental for the c♯, present in 29, is missing in 25.

Measure 41 has a centered half rest, not incorrectly.

At bar 44 on the first beat, two “e' ” note heads on different stems would be better, with the slur directed at the 16th note.

Measure by Measure


One Mo’ Time

End Notes:

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©2008 David Raleigh Arnold