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Legnani Op. 20 #7 “Prestissimo”

David Raleigh Arnold


Start slow, but this is a comparatively easy one. The beat is eighths and there are no 32nds.

Mark Up Your Copy

Measure Numbers at the Beginning of Each Line

The number indicates the first complete measure in the line.

1, 10, 21, 29, 42, 54, 65, 75, 85, total: 92.

Errors and Misprints

None found yet.

Notice the whole rest in measure 2. That is called a measure rest, and it is still perfectly legal.


I am not happy with the sound of a vibration slur on the ⑥ string g, , so those are gone. If you like them, play them.

Measure by Measure


The RH is mimi, starting with m, not appoggiato.

Start open, play the run in VII, the g#’ with the second finger, and take it up one fret to a’ and IX. Take care to mute the appoggiato a,’s as written.


The chords are tia. One legatura suffices to indicate a slide of all the notes on a particular stem. At 13-16 the chords are on the first three strings, and tim is fine. Do not ignore any rests. All bass notes are muted.


Thumb the chord. The e’ is open.


~ =legatura.
- =stayed on same string, guide or pivot.

LH:  4~1 3 2(3) -3(2) ~0 | 1 2~0 2 4 0 |
RH: ta   m i     m       | i t   m i t |


LH: 0
RH: m

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