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David Raleigh Arnold

‘Scale’ from the Carcassi Method

Continuously in print since 1836. After my easy pieces, you should try the Carcassi book. Notice that no bars means no accents. Control is all. The thumb, “t” makes a push stroke (apoyando), leaning against the next string.

First Scale

Image file: files/carcassioneline.png

The LilyPond program made the line above from source. “Convert”, from ImageMagick, was used to trim the image. Centering it prevents the text from being pushed around.

An (h2) Main section heading

Take a look at the html code for this document with your browser and then compare it with the source which is simply a text file. A bash script, qkt2htm, runs web.sed on it. The idea is to make LaTeX for PDF from the same source. The latex tex.sed and qkt2ltx are running behind right now. Soon.

Now a Subsection(h3)


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” [1]

Twinkle, twinkle little bat,
How I wonder what you’re at.

Up among… [2]

  1. Item in an ordered list. Try the notes. [3]
  2. The en–dash is shorter than the em—dash. Single quotes involve a bit of ‘extra’ typing. You can't use a different style of apostrophe in LaTeX easily.
  3. Notice that it takes two spaces to separate the ellipsis: … from the preceding word… This... doesn't get it.

A Part with “pre” or “code”.

One two three four
Who are we    for?
Write   your  code

More symbols and stuff

End Notes

§1 End notes may be in a separate file. You name a file in the header. It may be the same file or a different one. A “gawk” routine numbers them. It's just a few lines in the script that calls web.sed.

§2 Walt Kelly wrote that little quoted masterpiece for his “Pogo” comic strip.

§3 It’s a start, and it’s usable. If you reduce the window to a very small area in your browser you can see how the end notes work. Enjoy. daveA

©2006 David Raleigh Arnold, under GNU. With music, the copyright notice is centered at the bottom of the first page of music if there is no title page.