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Seven Easy Pieces

David Raleigh Arnold

Original Version

Seven Easy Pieces

These old pieces of mine are truly for beginners. The first six are true etudes, unlike Carcassi's first study pieces. Each of them works on a particular very elementary right hand formula. They fit into the missing pages of Carcassi, Shearer, Noad, Parkening, Sagreras, and all the others. In their books, you turn a page and all of a sudden there is a great leap in complexity and difficulty, for which they have not prepared you. Filling in that gap was my goal in writing these. There are some revisions:

Revisions and Commentary

No. 1, “Three String Prelude”


There is very little change, a little coda is all.

No. 3 “Puddle Mode”


This has been changed substantially. It can be a serious exercise in legato as well as an easy recreation piece.

No. 4 “Melancholy Jig”

This might also be practiced as an exercise with imimim... as well as the original mimimi...

Some are Style-free

The first, second, third and seventh can all be played with a flat pick, but all of them have right hand fingering of course.

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