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News Concerning this Site

David Raleigh Arnold


4.22 Putting up keyc.html was premature. The overhaul will be much better, I promise. carcassi.html needs work too.


9.20 Revised scales comparison and the practice howto.

8.21 — 9.20: Another nearby lightning strike put me down again. Now I am using a decent laptop, and I can resume.


4.16: Added a comparison chart for those University professors who haven’t gotten around to trying DGT. Whenever an HTML file is revised, the date of the latest revision is placed at the top of the page from now on.


8.25: A nearby lightning strike has hampered my maintenance of the site. If I don’t have to build a whole new machine, I should be back to abnormal in a week or two. ☹

4.05: I have exploded and removed the Carcassi Method. The individual pages are in a new “carcassi59” directory. The same fate awaits the Legnani Op. 20. The Swedish Royal Library still has the Boije collection with the complete works in one file. The purpose is to streamline reference. ☺

End Notes:

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