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At some of these sites, you can download music at no charge. Some claim copyrights, but all have some music which is free for you to print, practice and learn. Other resources, teaching sites, music dictionaries, etc., are listed also.

Miscellaneous Projects

Good Morning to You Solo

Image file: images/goodmorn.png


Is there a problem seeing the chord diagrams below? Browsers have “supported” unicode for many years. I can't convert to PDF very well yet, but I’m working on it (actually, it's mostly a matter of waiting for others to work on it.). (best effort so far.)

Good Morning to You Chords

If you can hack the second A7, only use the easier A7 for the second measure below.

            D       A7      A7      G       D/a
            o      o o o   o        ooo    oo
          ╒╤╤╤╤╕  ╒╤╤╤╤╕  ╒╤╤╤╤╕  ╒╤╤╤╤╕  ╒╤╤╤╤╕
          ││││││  ││││││  ││││││  ││││││  ││││││
          ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤
          │││0│2  ││0│2│  ││000│  │0││││  │││0│2
          ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤
          ││││3│  ││││││  │││││2  2││││4  ││││3│
          ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤  ├┼┼┼┼┤

Good Morning to You Accompaniment

D  D / /  A7 / /  / / /  D / /  / / /  G / /  D/a / A7  D / ||
LilyPond logo


Editing LilyPond Source Files for Typesetting.

A few utilities make editing complex music much quicker and easier for typesetting with the LilyPond program. The input is plain text. Many of these are obsolescent on account of improvements in LilyPond which have added functionality, but the ability to follow a key signature is still an extremely helpful short cut.


This page was re-edited using another utility which speeds up the process. I have found it very useful.

End Notes:

§1 All of the music on this site written by myself is subject to an ASCAP license.

ASCAP is the licensor

If you are interested in recording or performing (in public) any of these works for the first time, ☺ contact me first and ASCAP second. Thereafter of course you should just contact ASCAP.

§2 There are two rackets going on now on the net.

  1. Some parasites distribute “free” PDF files to people who register with them.
  2. Google’s racket is to have strawmen, called “associates”, skim 10 pct of your royalties. No doubt the “associates” are just fronts, a means for Google to take a bigger bite of content they don’t own.

You can gain nothing by patronizing parasitic sites.

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